Terms and Conditions at YMCA Theatre

Ticket Sales (In Person & Telephone) Terms and Conditions

  1. Please examine your tickets & change before leaving the box office, mistakes will not be rectified afterwards.
  2. When booking over the phone, Our staff will confirm the date, time & ticket types before ending the call, mistakes will not be rectified afterwards.
  3. Tickets can not be exchanged, money refunded or mistakes rectified at a later date
  4. Payment can be made in cash or by card
  5. No refunds or exchanges will be offered by the theatre unless:
    1. A performance is cancelled
    2. A performance date or time is changed by more than 3 hours
    3. The events content is changed dramatically
  6. YMCA stewards reserve the right, if required, to move people out of allocated seating into seating of the same price class
  7. Tickets maybe posted for an non-refundable fee of £1.50.

Attending YMCA Theatre, Terms and Conditions

  1. YMCA Management reserve the right to refuse entry to the YMCA Theatre, or ask ticket holders to leave, without refund to any person who:
    1. we believe to be a danger to other members of the audience or our staff
    2. cannot prove their age if attending an age restricted show
    3. is dressed inappropriately for a family environment
  2. A valid ticket is required to enter the Theatre and you must produce that ticket to a member of staff when requested
  3. We reserve the right to conduct security searches as required.
  4. Photography, Video or Sound recording is prohibited at most events.
  5. A challenge 21 scheme is in operation for the purchase of alcohol.
  6. Glass bottles or glasses may not be taken into the auditorium. Plastic receptacles are provided by the bar.
  7. Drinks at the bar may only be purchased by ticket holders
  8. We reserve the right to suspend alcohol sales or refuse service for any reason
  9. No Smoking or using electronic cigarettes in any part of the building.
  10. All performances may contain smoke, strobe or pyrotechnics. Please contact a member of staff if affected by any of the above.
  11. YMCA Theatre is not responsible for the content performed in the theatre. Please ask a member of staff for the contact details of the producing companies.
  12. You may be recorded as members of the audience for the production and you give the theatre the right to use your image as such.